Executive Team

Courtney Presto, CEO

Courtney Presto is an accomplished CEO at Presto Social Inc., known for her exceptional leadership skills and strategic vision in the ever-evolving landscape of social media. In addition to her expertise in digital platforms, she has successfully expanded Presto's reach by venturing into traditional media, revolutionizing the industry by acquiring and distributing captivating films and TV shows, captivating audiences across various platforms. Through her bold approach, Courtney has seamlessly integrated the worlds of digital and traditional media, cementing her reputation as a trailblazer in the entertainment realm.

Austin Sandefur, President

Austin Sandefur, the President of Presto Social Inc., brings a wealth of experience in the realm of marketing and advertising to the company. With a strong background in traditional media, Austin has successfully spearheaded strategic partnerships and acquisitions, propelling Presto's expansion into the film and TV industry. His keen understanding of consumer behavior and his ability to navigate the ever-changing media landscape have solidified Presto's position as a cutting-edge leader in both digital and traditional media realms.

Content Production & Acquisition

Alejandro Flores, Head of Content Production & Partnerships

Alejandro Flores, the Head of Content Production & Partnerships at Presto Social Inc., is a visionary leader who has revolutionized the content creation landscape. With an extensive background in creative production, Alejandro has fostered strategic collaborations and partnerships with renowned filmmakers, artists, and content creators, elevating Presto's offerings to new heights. Through his exceptional storytelling acumen and innovative approach to content production, Alejandro has played a pivotal role in establishing Presto as a go-to destination for engaging and immersive digital experiences.

Daniela Andrade, Associate Content Producer

Daniela Andrade, an Associate Content Producer at Presto Social Inc., is a creative force behind the scenes, bringing her passion for storytelling and impeccable attention to detail to every project she undertakes. With a diverse background in content production, Daniela has played a crucial role in curating captivating and impactful digital content, contributing to Presto's reputation as a leading content provider. Through her innovative ideas and dedication to quality, Daniela consistently delivers exceptional results, ensuring that Presto's content resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.